about arms

Company Historical Overview

ARMScc was established in 1984. Its founding and reputation was built on gunsmithing that included repair, modification and customizing to all makes and types of firearms. As the company’s reputation grew it became more widely known for both excellent workmanship and personal service. This reputation secured contract work from three large security firms and in 1996, ARMScc was awarded the Winchester Firearm Accredited Repair Centre (ARC) for Africa. 

In 1997 ARMScc moved into larger premises and added a retail outlet for Firearms, Ammunition and related accessories and coupled to the Gunsmithing, enhanced the services ARMScc was able to provide to its customers. 

In September 2004 ARMScc moved into its own specially designed and custom built premises in Waterkloof Ridge and increased its staff to continue providing personal services to its customer base. 

In 2005 shortly after the New Firearms Control Act was announced, ARMScc added a sister company called AFTA (Arms Firearm Training Academy) and added Training to its portfolio of services. As both Kenn and Chad are Qualified Firearm Instructors it seemed natural to include this aspect and add a further service for our clients. Shortly after its inception AFTA employed John Henry King, a qualified firearm instructor to assist and he has since been appointed the Training Manager allowing Kenn and Chad to continue with their normal daily tasks. 

Mission Statement

There can be no compromise on quality or service as customer satisfaction is the primary goal, this will be achieved through a personal touch. 

Key To Success

Our mission statement outlines the road to our success by employing a strategy that is defined by quality, precision and personal touch. 

Customer References

Some of our larger clients include:
Coin Security South Africa
ADT Security
First National Bank Trust Division (Storage)
Winchester Africa (ARC)
Some maintenance contracts are currently being negotiated with some of the larger hunting lodges. 

Mission Statement

There can be no compromise on quality or service as customer satisfaction is the primary goal, this will be achieved through a personal touch. 

Memberships & Clubs

Staff at ARMScc belong to or are affiliated with the following clubs / associations:

SAPAACHA (South African Problem Animal Control and Hunters Association) – Vice President
SAGA (South African Gun Association)
South African Armourer’s Association – Treasurer
South African Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association
SADA (South African Dealer’s Association)
Chairperson Brooklyn firearms Dealers Forum


ARMScc has the equipment, the knowledge and expertise and experience, as well as the personnel to deliver excellent service and workmanship at competitive prices to all firearm owners. This family run business is one of the premier Gun shops in Pretoria with a steady increase in clientele and stock turnover. Our new premises have increased our ability to provide all the above services to our many satisfied clients. 

Should any additional information be required, please feel free to contact us and we will ensure that you receive the relevant information at the earliest possible convenience. 
We also extend an open invitation to visit our premises on the corner of Koedoesnek and Grysbok streets Waterkloor Ridge during our office hours. 

Our office hours are from 08h00 to 17h00 Monday to Friday and 08h00 to 12h00 on Saturday